Why Website Share Buttons Don't Work for Reddit

Aug 17, 2018

Welcome to Fresh Concepts Web, a leading business and consumer services expert in website development. In this article, we will explore and uncover the reasons why website share buttons often fail to generate significant engagement on the popular social media platform, Reddit.

The Reddit Community: A Unique Sharing Landscape

Reddit is a thriving online community known for its diverse and engaged user base. Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit's users are organized into thousands of specialized communities called "subreddits." Each subreddit is focused on a specific topic, such as technology, lifestyle, or hobbies. This unique structure creates a highly targeted environment where users discuss and share content tailored to their interests.

As a result, the traditional website share button, which is designed to share content broadly across various social media platforms, often falls short when it comes to engaging Reddit users. Let's explore why.

1. Lack of Personalization

Reddit users value authentic and tailored content that aligns with the specific subreddit they are browsing. Website share buttons typically offer generic sharing options that fail to cater to Reddit's unique community structure. Content shared through these buttons may appear spammy or irrelevant to users, leading to low engagement rates.

2. Limited Visibility

Although website share buttons may appear on various webpages, they often blend in with the overall design or go unnoticed by users. Reddit users are more likely to actively participate in discussions and share content directly within the platform instead of relying on external sharing buttons. This behavior further decreases the effectiveness of website share buttons when targeting Reddit users.

3. Content Format and Relevance

Reddit thrives on diverse content formats, including text posts, images, videos, and links. Website share buttons, on the other hand, typically focus on sharing links to external websites. This discrepancy in content format limits the compatibility between website share buttons and Reddit's preferred content consumption style.

Furthermore, Reddit users value informative and discussion-worthy content that adds value to the community. Generic share buttons often fail to provide a compelling context or description about the shared content, making it less appealing to Reddit users who prioritize highly relevant and meaningful discussions.

4. Reddit's Anti-Spam Measures

Reddit has implemented strict anti-spam measures to maintain the quality of its platform. External website share buttons might trigger these measures due to their one-click sharing nature, resulting in the content being flagged as spam or removed from the platform. This further hinders the effectiveness of traditional website share buttons in reaching the Reddit audience.

Unlocking Reddit's Potential: Alternative Approaches

Understanding the limitations of website share buttons on Reddit is crucial for businesses and website developers aiming to maximize their reach within this vibrant community. Here are alternative approaches to consider:

1. Active Reddit Participation

To effectively engage with Reddit users, it's essential to become an active member of relevant subreddits by contributing valuable content, participating in discussions, and building relationships with the community. This organic approach ensures that your content is more likely to be well-received and shared by Reddit users.

2. Reddit-Specific Content Creation

Create content specifically tailored to the interests and preferences of Reddit users. This may involve developing informative articles, engaging visuals, or entertaining videos that are designed to spark discussions and resonate with the target subreddit's community.

3. Leveraging Reddit's Advertising Options

Consider utilizing Reddit's native advertising platforms, such as sponsored posts or targeted subreddit ads, to directly reach your desired audience. These advertising options allow for greater visibility and more precise targeting, increasing the chances of engagement and connecting with Reddit users.

4. Encouraging Direct Reddit Sharing

Instead of relying solely on website share buttons, encourage your website visitors to actively share your content on Reddit through user-friendly calls-to-action. This approach allows users to customize their Reddit post content, ensuring it aligns with the subreddit's culture and style.

In Conclusion

While traditional website share buttons serve a valuable purpose across numerous social media platforms, they often fall short when it comes to engaging Reddit's unique community. Understanding Reddit's culture and adopting alternative engagement strategies can significantly increase your chances of reaching and resonating with the Reddit audience.

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